Special Education Procedures Manual Revised: 10.4.18

Table of Contents

Supervision and Monitoring of Compliant Procedures

Section 1: Identification Processes  
  Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.08  
  Student Support Team  
  State Rule: 160-4-2-.32  
  Child Find Procedures  
Child Find Poster
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.03  
  Evaluations and Reevaluations  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.04  
  Eligibility Determination and Categories of Eligibility  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.05  
  Private School  
  State Rule :160-4-7-.13  
Section 2: Services and Supports  
  Least Restrictive Environment  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.07  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.10  
  Individualized Education Plan  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.06  
  Personnel, Facilities, and Caseloads  
  Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support  
  GNETS Consideration and Consultation Resources  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.15  
Section 3: Student Progress  
  Free Appropriate Public Education  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.02  
Section 4: Parent Engagement  
  Procedural Safeguards / Parent Rights / Surrogate Parent  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.09  
  Dispute Resolution State Rule:160-4-7-.12  
Section 5: Readiness for College and Career  
  Bridge Law  
Definitions - Glossary of Common Terminology  
  State Rule: 160-4-7-.21  
Additional Information and Frequently Asked about Procedures  
Reevaluation Referral Checklists
  Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability, Emotional Behavioral Disorder  
  Other Heath Impaired  
Eligibility Criteria for GAA 2.0 Participation  
Referral for Reevaluation Deadlines Sample  
Parent Rights Procedural Safeguards