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Regular school attendance is one of the key components for academic success. Studies have shown that students who miss 20% or more of class time (1/20 = 1 day a month or 9 days in a school year) are the most likely to drop-out of school. There are also links between excessive tardiness and excessive school absences.

Punctuality and regular attendance are life skills that insure success in the work place. They are two of the top five reasons workers are terminated from employment. Good habits of punctuality and regular attendance are qualities that make a worker valuable to an employer.

The school social work/attendance office supports the business of teaching and learning. It works with students who have difficulty attending to school, adjusting to school, and achieving in school thereby enhancing student success. This includes working with the families of those students and assisting in whatever ways possible to eliminate barriers to good attendance.

View the Towns County Attendance Policy and Attendance Protocol. (Large PDF Document)

School handbooks and attendance protocol
(Large PDF Files)

Main points for parents and students to remember:

  • Students are allowed 5 days of absence a year to be excused with a Parent Note.
  • Students are allowed 5 days of unexcused absences a year.
  • Parents must call/notify the school EVERY DAY the student is absent.
  • Notes must be given to attendance clerk for every absence with 3 days of returning to school.
  • The State of Georgia considers any student with 5 or more unexcused absences in a year to be truant and he/she and the parent/guardian can be prosecuted as such.
  • Georgia State law requires that schools must report students ages 14 & up who have 10 unexcused absences during the current OR previous school year to the State Department of Education which then reports those names to the Department of Driverís Services (DDS). DDS will deny the privilege of obtaining a permit or license or revoke a current license for up to 1 year. Read more about the Teen-age and Adult Responsibility and Driving Act (TARDRA).

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Becky Keenum
Attendance Coordinator/
System Social Worker