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The purpose of the Towns County Schools Student Assessment Program is to use state mandated, national, and locally developed tests to appraise student learning abilities and mastery of state mandated curriculum. Test results are used by administrators and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses of the individual students and the curriculum as a whole. This identification of results allows educational plans and interventions for student success and alignment of academic programs to state and national standards.

Georgia Milestones online practice test

Click here for "Georgia Student Growth Model Report Overview "

Click Here for "A Parentís Guide to the Individual Student Report for High School End-of-Course Assessments"

Click here for "A Parentís Guide to the Individual Student Report for Elementary and Middle School End-of-Grade Assessments"

Georgia Milestones Assesment System

Click the Image link above to visit the Georgia Milestones Assesment System Online Testing Practice  Experience!

GKids Readiness Check Flyer

Check out the GKids Readiness Website here

Click below for the EOC or EOG Milestones FAQ's

EOC Milestones FAQ's | EOG Milestones FAQ's

>>>Click here for Testing Schedule<<<

Assesment Guides Study/Resource Guides
3rd Grade Assesment Guide 3rd Grade Study Guide
4th Grade Assesment Guide 4th Grade Study Guide
5th Grade Assesment Guide 5th Grade Study Guide
6th Grade Assesment Guide 6th Grade Study Guide
7th Grade Assesment Guide 7th Grade Study Guide
8th Grade Assesment Guide 8th Grade Study Guide
9th Grade Lit. Assesment Guide 9th Grade Lit. Study Guide
American Lit Assesment Guide American Lit Study Guide
Analytic Geometry Assement Guide Analytic Geometry Study Guide
Biology Assesment Guide Biology Study Guide
Algebra 1 Assesment Guide Algebra 1 Study Guide
Economics Assesment Guide Economics Study Guide
Physical Science Assesment Guide Physical Science Study Guide
US History Assesment Guide US History Study Guide


View the Georgia Milestones Assessment System
Parents Brochure here.

For useful tools and information regarding these and other tests given to Georgia students go to GA DOE Testing.

View the College and Career Readiness Performance Index.  

The Nationís Report Card (NAEP)
Parentsí Guide to the Department of Education website

>Download and Print the Testing Calendar here<

Mrs. Stephanie Moss
Stephanie Moss

Testing Calendar 2018-2019

August 20-21, 2018: EOC Retakes from Spring 2018
November 5-9, 2018: TCES Grades 1 & 2 ITBS
December 12, 2018: TCHS EOC-9th Grade Lit. & American Lit. Section 1
December 13, 2018: TCHS EOC-9th Grade Lit. & American Lit. Sections 2 & 3
December 14, 2018: TCHS EOC- US History and Economics
December 17, 2018: TCHS EOC-Physical Science and Biology
January 14-25, 2019: TCHS EOC Winter Retakes
January 22-31, 2019: ACCESS- EL Students in all three schools
January 28-Feb. 1, 2019: Gifted Testing
April 30-May 1, 2019: TCMS EOG English Language Arts
May 2-May 3, 2019:

TCES EOG English Language Arts

May 6, 2019:


May 7, 2019:


May 8, 2019:

5th Grade Science EOG

May 8, 2019: 8th Grade Science EOG
May 8, 2019:

TCHS EOC ĖEconomics and US History 

May 9, 2019: 5th Grade Social Studies EOG
May 9, 2019: 8th Grade Social Studies EOG
May 9, 2019: TCHS EOC-American Lit. & 9th Grade Lit.  Section 1
May 10, 2019: TCHS EOC- American Lit. & 9th Grade Lit.  Section 2 & 3
May 13, 2019: TCHS EOC- Algebra 1 and Analytic Geometry
May 14, 2019: TCHS EOC-  Biology and Physical Science
June 17, 2019:

TCHS EOC Spring Retakes for Economics Only

(*Spring EOC Retakes for subjects other than Economics will be in August 2019)